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I’ll Drink To That! With Kimberly Faye Greenberg

20 Dec

Welcome to “I’ll Drink To That” Ruby’s conversations with the future leaders of Broadway and beyond! Showbiz is in good hands with these brilliant and inspiring professionals.

Ruby sits down for a drink with the fabulous Kimberly Faye Greenberg!

Ruby: Where are we and what are we drinking?
Kimberly: Frozen Margarita’s from Chevy’s. That is my celebratory place to eat and feast. It reminds me of home (california) and we would always go to Mexican food to celebrate occasions and birthdays.

What is your current job?
Well, I have many jobs. First and foremost I’m a performer and thankfully seem to be doing something in that world at all times. I’m also a wardrobe dresser on Broadway. That’s sort of my “day job” when I’m not performing (or, for that matter, when I am performing). Right now I work backstage at Nice Work If You Can Get It. I’m also the Executive Producer/Creator of Broadwayblogspot.com.

Whose career do you aspire to have?
Patti Lupone! She never sacrifices who she is for the work and she always does meaty, memorable roles every time she works. And, if the roles were not meant to be meaty or memorable then she certainly makes them so, but not in any bad way mind you it’s solely, in my opinion because she takes risks in performing, sticks to her guns and remains true to who she is. I certainly aspire to that when I perform. It’s a scary place to live but really rewarding when you accomplish that.

What’s one of your most embarrassing theater memories?
Oh lord. This wasn’t even in a show… well sort of. I was picked to be one of the aliens in the “Star Trek” show at Universal Studios many many years ago when I was a kid. Basically they brought you backstage, threw a costume on you and then taught you choreography in a mirror for about 10 minutes and then literally threw you onstage. Well, I was wearing this awful mask and couldn’t see and I totally walked out onstage and ended up getting completely turned around and totally did everything they taught us with my back facing the audience. The emcee was yelling at me to turn around. What an oy vey.

What’s one of your best theater memories?
The applause literally stopping the show after my 11 o’clock number when I played Fanny Brice in my Off-Broadway show. I never dreamed anything like that would happen. It was pretty amazing. God only knows to if that will ever happen again.

What book are you reading right now?
Ambrosia written by my longtime friend, who also a successful author, David-Matthew Barnes. Its fantastic. This girl ends up in a bunch of sticky situations and it just makes me laugh out loud.

What book would you like to see made into a musical?
Would it be bad of me to say Ambrosia or any of the other books my friend has written?

What is your current theatrical project?
I just opened a new solo show that I was commissioned to write/perform and am excited to be booking that across the country. I’m also filming a starring role in an independent film this winter and I have a few other theatre projects in the works.

What is your prized theater possession?
All my scrapbooks of everything I’ve ever done. I diligently keep them so that when things are tough I can go back and look through them. And my Fanny Brice signed photo. It sits over my desk. I’d like to think she watches over me.

Where do you keep your playbills?
I used to keep all of them, but not so much anymore. I have no room for them in my apartment. Maybe when I have a house?  

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